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Watermillock Hall, Thursday 24th October 7pm

'James Herriot' -Jim Wight talks about his father's life


James Herriot’s, real name James (Alfred) Wight, semi-autobiographical tales of 1940s Yorkshire farming life are well known through the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small but what of the man himself. The stories he told help to document a transitional period in the veterinary profession; agriculture was moving from the traditional use of beasts of burden (primarily the draught horse in Britain) to reliance upon the mechanical tractors, and medical science was on the verge of discovering antibiotics and other drugs that eliminated many of the ancient remedies still in use. These and other sociological factors (such as increased affluence) prompted a large-scale shift in veterinary practice over the course of the 20th century. His son, Jim (Alexander) Wight, will be joining us to deliver an entertaining insight into the man himself and the changes that took place in veterinary profession over the years.


Tickets £6. Please contact Margaret or David on 017684 86380 or 07494 788848. 

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