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A Sour and Out of Breath Ocean - a talk by Professor John Spicer

Please register for this event here 

In a warming world, increased amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is dissolved in the oceans and has effects that few of us are aware of. How will marine organisms cope with the changing conditions of a world humans are impacting more than ever? How are our oceans taking the brunt of our actions? What can we do as individuals to reverse the climate crisis and to help our previous seas?

This is a unique chance to hear the latest research directly from a scientist at the top of his field and to gain detailed knowledge about a subject all too often ignored.

Professor John Spicer  is a marine zoologist at the University’s Marine Institute with expertise in ecophysiology (how animals work, where they are).

His research interests focus on the innermost workings of marine organisms in a quest to understand how the work and evolve in the wild, and how they adapt to climate change.

An eminent scientist renowned for his expertise in ocean acidification and hypoxia, he has contributed a substantial wealth of knowledge to the field over three decades, resulting in over 180 research papers, multiple academic books, writing for popular culture, and advising national and international policymakers.

The event will be hosted by Matterdale's 18 year old Amy Bray, founder of environmental conservation charity Another Way which focuses on inspiring individuals to change their behaviour in order to live with compassion towards others and the planet. She said, "I am so pleased to be able to connect individuals to scientists through these events. it is so important that research is communicated well to the public so that we can make informed decisions in our lives and do our best to make a difference to the world around us.'"


Amy herself is studying marine biology at the University of Exeter as of September.

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