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Quizzing 2019

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If you want to come along to a good quiz keep your eyes and ears open for news of the next quiz to be held by the Matterdale Community Association at The Royal Hotel.


So far this year we’ve had five quizzes, each one attended by up to 50 people, and have been challenged by our quiz masters,  Bruce, Tyrone, Nick, Tracey and Gordon to answer such esoteric questions as naming the weather conditions in different songs, naming the girls name in an Elvis Costello song, identifying fashion brand logos, identifying the highest mountain and the longest rivers, as well as challenging our knowledge of the periodic tables, space travel, the counties of England bingo calls, and famous authors!


Each quiz master was ably supported by their assistants; Anne, Millie, Helen, Ian and Cecelia. The winners then take their chance on the Wheel of Misfortune, either taking the money, or spinning the wheel. Spinning the wheel has proved the most popular, but misfortune has struck more often than fortune, and most of the winnings have gone back into the community associations coffers to put towards further events. 


Our thanks to all the staff at The Royal for their hospitality and their great curries. 

Veronica Goodman

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