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Ullswater Heritage Knowledge Bank and Website:

Seeking your personal contributions

The Friends of the Ullswater Way ( is seeking your help in building a unique, pioneering source of information about the history and cultural heritage of the Ullswater Valley: the Ullswater Heritage Knowledge Bank and Website. We intend to launch the initial version in April.

This idea builds upon work already done by FOUW between 2016 and 2019 to create a Heritage Trail around the Ullswater Way ( An FOUW local survey published in April 2020 demonstrated the strong desire amongst the local community to take this work further. In September 2020 the concept was born to:

‘Create a living, digitized Ullswater Heritage Knowledge Bank, bringing to life and putting into the public domain centuries of acquired knowledge and information that currently remains largely inaccessible.’


FOUW seeks support from individuals, communities, and organisations rooted in the Ullswater Valley to join us in making this project work. The local community will be the primary source of material and the main driver of this initiative. It will be an organic and learning process, successively building on the knowledge received over time. We want it to be stimulating, inspiring and fun.

We have already designed the software and the website. The challenge now is to fill it with relevant articles, stories, and images. We want to complete this process by the end of March. We are inviting you to send contributions in either of two online forms: For a Topic: Such as Hill Farming, or Mining, For a Location: Such as Barton Church,

You can also send a text in a Word document. Images can be sent separately. The form asks for:

· Text of not more than 500 words to appear on the website; a list of sources and references; key image(s) to accompany the text. There is also a place to add additional text as well as to attach additional documents and/or images.


We ask you to submit entries for inclusion on the launch website by the end of February.

We hope you can be part of this initiative Thank you for your support!

Tim Clarke, Chair, FOUW

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